Our Story

Recruiting Offers Rolling In

As a NC State fan and alum, Paul Pettengill became frustrated at how difficult it was becoming to keep up with all the recruiting information coming out, after the hiring of Mark Gottfried. So Paul created a chart that separated each player and possible future player by academic class and position and posted it on one of the message boards for NC State. Paul borrowed elements of the initial chart format from a similar chart that another fan of NC State created to help keep up with football recruiting for NC State.

As Paul updated the chart, he kept adding and removing basic design elements of the chart, adding hyperlinks to the recruit's profiles from Scout as well as Rivals and ESPN, adding and removing the changes in rankings. Based on feedback he received from other NC State fans, Paul was able to hone the form of the charts themselves until most of the NC State fans were excited about the charts. Updates to the charts had to be done manually on a nearly daily basis, as not only were Mark Gottfried and his newly assembled staff at NC State continuing to issue offers, but players were also beginning to narrow their interest lists and announce their college selections. Frustrated with the difficulties of continuously updating the chart within the NC State message boards, as each update required editing of HTML to override defaults setup within the message boards, Paul looked at the possibility of setting up a separate site to house the recruiting charts.

Shouldn't Take More Than Three Days

When considering creating a separate website to house the recruiting chart, Paul asked around to some other ACC fan bases to see if they would be interested in a similar chart for their respective schools. Paul figured if he received positive feedback from rival fan bases, he probably was onto a good idea, and a potential market that was being under served. So he decided he would set up a site that would keep up with the recruiting information for all of the NCAA Division I schools. Paul was discussing the idea of creating the website with his wife. Paul's wife expressed concerns that he was abandoning work he was doing on another site which was fairly far along in the development to start work on another project. Paul, thinking only of setting up a basic table structure, told his wife that it shouldn't take him more than 3 days to set up the site. The next day on September 15, 2011 Paul registered the domain verbalcommits.com. The site didn't launch to the public until February 17, 2012 - 157 days later.

As a result, Paul now tries to multiply the time it will take him to do something by a factor of 50.